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DecoArt, a brand that breathes in style and reincarnates beauty with its unmatched legacy of over three decades, is a well-known luxury interior design house operating in Dubai.

Since its inception, DecoArt has ensured that they maintained an unquestionably solid position in the industry and continues to bloom by presenting the most elegant, sophisticated, intricate, unique and innovative custom furniture designs.
Standing strong on its pillars that go beyond impeccable interior planning to world-class collaborative decorating ideas, DecoArt has helped the brand propel to the realm of noticeable excellence.

Its sophisticated mix of ideas brings forth an extreme dose of creativity to build a unique environment which creates an impactful and magnificent output. It strongly advocates the maintaining a fine balance between traditional aesthetic and modern interior design that intelligently aligns with the customer’s values and culture. Their mastery of aesthetics can further be seen dovetailing with their long list of high-calibre clientele worldwide.

It is due to this efficiency, timeless designs, compelling concepts, and adept execution, the design house, holds unparalleled success today and is attributed of creating liveable household luxury masterpieces amongst all the posh lanes of Dubai.

Indeed, a seamless epitome of luxury living without sacrificing comfort and quality including balance and functionality.



DecoArt is one of the largest luxury interior design houses in Dubai. It holds a grand curated collection of products that are sourced from some of world’s most exquisite, classic, and time-honoured international brands