From impeccable Interior planning to world-class collaborative decorating ideas, these are some of the sturdy pillars of Decoart which helped the brand propelled to the realm of marked excellence.”

Founded in 1989, Decoart is considered one of the renowned luxury interior design company in Dubai. It carries multiple international brands under its name. Throughout Decoart’s existence, it has unquestionably settled a solid position in the industry and it continues to thrive by providing the most elegant, sophisticated, intricate, unique and innovative custom furniture designs for all its clientele.

Decoart stands firm on their objective of integrating a luxury Home Interior design and producing its own line of classic and contemporary furniture that reflects and aligns the customer’s values and culture within the walls of their houses. Their mastery of aesthetics is dovetailed to their long list of high-caliber clientele worldwide. In addition, its diverse mixture of ideas brings forth an extreme dose of creativity to build a unique environment which creates an impactful and magnificent output.

Decoart’s unparalleled success today is attributed to its perception of creating livable household luxury masterpieces amongst the list of interior companies in Dubai. A seamless epitome of luxury living without sacrificing comfort and quality including balance and functionality.

Combined with its timeless designs, compelling concepts, and adept execution, Decoart will continue to usher every house into the world of interior decoration.