Classical interior design has its own importance to the regional values. We cannot explain unique traditional value to a person who needs to know more about this interior style. Middle east people has their following tradition from olden period in cultural aspect as well as to the art styles. People in India may not follow the traditional approach of middle east countries, it is evident that classical approach differs everywhere. So, it is up to you for selecting an interior design style to your space where you live.

As discussed classical style is completely dependent on regional factors, there are few parameters that interior designer considers following in this approach. When you see the combinations used in furniture decors, floorings, lighting are moreover similar. It is an interior design that is closer towards natural factors. In this type, the need of grabbing attention of people is created naturally by means of keeping elegant decors and lighting with symmetrical lines. Flooring is preferred of marble or stone like natural elements enhance the richness if olden period. Use of off-white colours, ornamental designs in decors, antique appearance decorative things are the major marks for this kind of interior design.

Decoart acts as one of best classic interior designer in Dubai provides you the furniture designs and interiors inspired by the Rococo, Neoclassical, Empire and Renaissance period styles. Each design piece exemplifies the architectural elements and exotic techniques significant to those classical eras. Chairs, tables and cabinets are decorated with ornate carvings, brass embellishments and finely detailed marquetry often produced in different kinds of veneer such as walnut, oak, and beach wood. Decoart highlights its classical interiors with rich color schemes and vibrant upholstery.

Our massive classical furniture collections and experts availing you awesome service assistance to enhance royal appearance to your space.