what is the trend of interior design in 2017?

May 29th, 2017

Style trends just come and go, whether is for fashion or interior design in 2017, whatever is in today may likely be outdated by the following year. As we reach the second quarter of the year 2017, it’s not too late for us to incorporate some new trends.

According to different renowned trend forecasters and designers all over the world, there will be many changes in style, pattern, and colors that will be dominating the year 2017, here are some of the hottest trends for your luxury home:

2017 will be subjugated by dark shades of green, this color is set to add depth to the design when use as an accent piece with contrast on tan colors as earth tone or organic palette will likely be dominant for this year. Many interior designers agreed that green will be a great way to beautify your household interior.

Nickel and silver are also making a comeback, mixed metals is another big thing for 2017, brass and gold will play a major part including white plasters with metal finish. As per Houston designer, Marie Flanigan Incorporating it in your plan for this year’s renovation would be a great idea.

Vintage look like Aged wood, salvaged wood, burled wood, classic furniture pieces and natural home fabrics that are eco-friendly materials with some recycled techniques are part of the modern design trends for 2017. We all know for a fact that classic pieces don’t go out of style, all pattern and colors may come and go but classic themed luxury home is here to stay and will remain strong until they years to come. It will be a good investment to focus mainly on this kind of materials if you don’t feel like redecorating every now and then.

Moreover, wall art will also take a step forward for this year, instigating a mural-like art-inspired wallpaper will be a merit on your big walls. Reproduced artworks will be sustainable. This will create a good focal point in your home, it can also be a good conversational piece for your visitors.

These are some of the highpoints that most interior designers have highlighted on their forecasts, aside from all these trends, what’s more important is putting your own personality in every revamping that you do, every design must be in such a way that you still find comfort and refuge in it, after all, you are doing it not merely because of other people but because you want to feel cosier in your own private world.