Top Curtain selection ideas

November 28th, 2017

Fashion or function? this has always been our dilemma when it comes to choosing clothes, yet same goes for choosing decorative curtain in your respective houses. Decorating a window can be a tedious and an overwhelming process at the same time. It requires a great deal of patience but once you’ve found the right and the perfect one everything else will fall into places. A curtain that is tastefully put together can draw a huge impact on the overall look.

There a lot of things that we need to consider in choosing the appropriate style for your curtain or drape. Reminding yourself of the functionality can easily narrow down your choices. Below are some of the top curtain selection ideas:

LENGTH – The trick for creating an illusion of having a high ceiling, most household hang the panels higher than the window. Hang the curtains about six inches above the window frame or higher to create a more dramatic, modern and crisp look.

FABRIC – The material plays a very important role in choosing curtains. Expert says that silk, faux silk, linen, and velvet are some of the best options because they are durable and tend to hang the best. If you want to keep your room warm, thick and insulating materials like velvet, suede or tweed would be advisable.

PRINT – The pattern of the curtain can make or break the entire design of a certain room, the homeowner must assess the entirety of the design of the house, if there are elaborate carvings or design in the furniture, then opt for a more subtle and solid-coloured drape so it won’t look so busy. In the same way that if your furniture that has simple and solid pattern only, then choose a more patterned curtain to keep the harmony and the balance of all the elements of the design.

There are a lot more things that need to be considered in choosing a curtain for your home, and many more tips that you may come across along the way, be sure to always incorporate your values and culture and in every design choice that you will make, your house’s design must reflect your personality. After all, at the end of the day, your preference is all that matters, choose something that you will be comfortable with and will serve the purpose of using it.