Top 5 interior design styles to follow

July 4th, 2017

There are awesome collections of interior design styles and accessories popular in the market. It is up to people selects for the best among available designs. Here we are ready to discuss few interior styles that is best to prefer in your home interior which adds elegant appearance. Let us see one by one on the decorative styles.
American Colonial style

Usual decorative pattern of American Colonial interior style covers complete woodworks in the mantels and surrounded areas. Even in kitchen corner cupboards to the ceiling portions are richer with woodworks. Present interior designers refer to the early American colonial styles from 18th century for good implementations.

During 18th century people loved to decorate their space through fine furniture for cabinet and other joinery techniques. Wood types like walnut, mahogany was ultimately used to the formal interior design. Along furniture collections this period of interior design concentrated well for fabrics, materials like brocade, velvet etc. was popular types that matches formal designed furniture.

Before 18th century American interior design trends was following the same level of wood works in their style. But the wood materials and fabric types was different comparatively like knotty pine, maple, hickory, chestnut etc in wood collections. Fabric types are cotton, wool or linen preferred for furniture and other related stuffs in room. Materials like Iron and brass fixtures also lighting was expressive features of American Colonial interiors in preliminary period.

Indian Interior style
Indian style of interior works is quite different which take cares more on Colour, pattern, flooring, Decors, Furniture collections. Creating mild or warm colour selection exactly matches with interior design of Indian tradition like their warm spices Turmeric, cardamom, curry powder etc. The pattern style this country follows have some mix of Classical touch every modern pattern followed. Wall hangings highlights their wall decors, Flooring designs will be of modern or contemporary kind of pattern that differs Indian tradition compared others. Tiles, marble, granite and wooden kind of flooring materials adds good in their traditional style of approach. When we look on to the décor category, Indian style reveals from the decorative items relates to Hindu Goddess, Gold and brass based colours. Carving and artwork plays key role in most of Indian furniture styles that add royal appearance.

Arabian Interior Style
Arabic interior tradition looks very close to luxury classical style which provides aesthetic appearance. Collection of antique decorative items placed in a manner makes royal feel to the space. Carpet (Persian rugs) usage in their floor will be rich in running floral patterns, Lamp shades in room gives warm elegant appearance to the whole space. Variety of accent pillows is used in furniture décor in Arabian style interior decoration.

Japanese Interior Style
Aesthetic design trend is the concept followed by Japanese interior stylist for their spaces. When we see their furniture decors, they do not highlight woodworks with any combination of paintings mostly. They just show those furniture decor as it with polished effect to provide natural effects. Use of sliding doors in their rooms gives natural separation of interior and exterior that blend well in room