How to become an interior designer

July 31st, 2017

Do you have the innate artistry running through your veins? Are you fond of revamping your own furniture to come up with an entirely different theme every season? Do you have an eye for details? Have you been receiving praises from family and friends on how you manage to design your own household? If you are screaming with a big, fat YES, then you better read through as you might have a fruitful career in Interior Design.
But, the question is, does your talent in decorating enough for your venture in the ever-challenging world of interior design? What are the things you need to know about this field and how to become an effective interior designer? Below are some of the things you must consider:
#Competition. New breeds of interior designers immerse every now and then, this makes the competition very stiff. Should you want to pursue a career in interior design, you must prepare yourself with the strong portfolio, this simple document will speak for you when you face the clients, more so, it is imperative to get a proper education for additional information, lastly, you must be updated with all the design trends.
#Laws and Codes. Being an interior designer is not just dressing-up the entire house with coloured fabrics and all, it requires a lot more than that, you have to prepare yourself to know the building laws and load-bearing walls, electricity and even plumbing. Being able to apply all these tasks means a great advantage for you over your competitors.
#Decorators VS Designers. People are often confused regarding the difference between decorators and designers, we can say that all designers are decorators but not all decorators are designers. It all lies in one word: Education. Everyone can be a decorator, someone who wishes to decorate whatever they want on a particular space, but for you to become a full-fledged interior designer, you need to acquire a degree in the same field. Acquisition of technical know-how from prestigious schools will help you become a better designer.
#Extrovert. Being a designer requires a lot of meet-ups with clients, interaction and communication are the constant things that will happen is a project is being executed. A designer must be a people person, you need to understand that you must be able to express all your thoughts to come up with a desirable designed that the client would love.
#Design Power. Needless to say, an interior designer must have the talent for art or design, the deep understanding of lines, hues, patterns, symmetry and other pivotal factors in interior design. This career revolves around an implementation of fresh and new ideas every now and then whilst not ignoring usability and functionality of every household pieces.