Architecture Vs Interior design

August 27th, 2017

There has been an age-old debate regarding the difference between Architecture and Interior design. People have always been perplexed with the difference and how one works with another and vice versa.

In the context of design and aesthetics, Architects and Interior Designers are work hand in hand to achieve a common goal – that is to establish a stylish and safe home for its inhabitants. It is a known fact that designing is not just merely hanging curtains, or arranging furniture, it takes a lot of calculations and to make sure that everything will fall into places. The architecture and interior design are both an art and a science by itself. It is imperative that managing an empty space means creating a space that is structurally safe, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. In short, there are a lot of technicalities that both must engage in for a desirable outcome.

However, there are some differences between Architects and Interior Designers, generally, Architects is responsible for creating the interior and exterior the design for the entire household. This includes technical aspects of plumbing, load-bearing walls, and others.

Whereas Interior designers are mainly concern with the overall look and feel of the house, they are the ones who select materials, hardware, textiles, paint color, wallpaper among others. they often times deal with tiles, flooring and even lighting placement.

It is safe to say that the best outcomes for every household interior and exterior design come from various elements of Architecture and Interior Design working hand in hand to achieve a great deal of collaborative efforts with much respect on their individual area of expertise.