3 Classic Italian furniture style origins

July 23rd, 2017

Classic Italian furniture are luxurious, most artistic and most in-demand piece of household essentials that anyone could have. It’s eccentricity and uniqueness is what sets it apart from other kinds of furniture. It reflects the rich culture, artistry, and sophistication of its origin.
One way of giving your home the look it deserves is by redecorating it and refurnishing it with classical Italian furniture and adorned with various lavish accessories or decorations. Italian designs are more versatile, which can make combinations awesome. The style can also be along with other styles involving home household furniture. But, from where do these Classical Italian designs originated? And how did it come about?

On the period of 1500-1600, Cincquecento furniture designs came into the picture. This is the period whereby Furniture consists mainly of embellishments and elaborated and bold carvings. In this period, chairs were crafted in a more comfortable manner by adding cushions, some of the furniture is created in various design adaptations, some chests had animal feet, more so, they also have crated sideboards in diverse forms.

The next style that flourished Italy was The Baroque Classical furniture style which came from about 1560-1700, it consists mainly of an exaggerated scale and proportion. It is al characterized by lavish carvings with no much ornaments. Some of the furniture that imbibes these baroque designs can be seen on console tables, cabinets, wall seats and Sculptured bases, with, lions, shells, eagles and leaves that are gold-plated and polychromed to perfection.

Moreover, Settocento Rococo, 1700-1750 or late Baroque period. Italian Rococo interior design was merely an adaptation from the Régence and Louis XV styles. It was developed by designers and craftspeople which explain the importance of hand-worked embellishment in Rococo design. The Rococo design often results in an asymmetrical pattern of natural motifs like Acanthus leaf with an incorporation of loops and curves dominating the entire design which sets it apart from other periods.

People’s selection of any italian furniture styles has its own particular feature that enhance attractiveness of decor followed in every period of time. Quality essence of olden period to the present time period varies a lot of choose one particular style for implementation. Excellent style suggestions and practical implementation is performed good for our valuable clients. Decoart can help you with innovative ideas on decor cfatmanship plan to the final placement of it on appropriate position in space.